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AXXERON : The active Management Holding

AXXERON Technologies GmbH focusses on the acquisition and corporate development of innovative small- and medium-sized companies. By integrating the associated companies, AXXERON aims to fulfill its objective to offer solutions for holistic systems and networking applications within the four business areas of focus. Furthermore, the individual companies will build a more resistant corporate entity by merging processes and business activities.

In addition to the classic economies of scale, the integration increases stability, visibility and attractiveness for qualified employees, financing partners, customers, and suppliers. A Key success factor will be the internal group management, which is supported and controlled by an in-house consulting team, in order to exploit synergies and manage volatility.


Value Creation

With reliable analyses and structured processes, AXXERON ensures that value creation is one of the most critical variables of all company or add-on acquisitions. Additionally, we closely identify any value creation potential to be developed in our business fields, which promotes the value created by the existing group members. The processes ensure that the AXXERON group members show a continuous improvement of the operational performance and strategical positioning.

Our strength lies in identifying, evaluating and implementing the entire spectrum of value creation potential within AXXERON transactions. This involves more than just synergy effects.

The objective for all companies of the AXXERON group is to continuously shape and improve the value creation and thereby earnings over the long term. Working towards those goals, we identify a wide range of opportunities to improve earnings, calculate synergies in the case of planned acquisitions, and also draw up a precise plan for post-merger integrations.


Use of overlapping synergies and reduction of complexity


Development of pioneering products and technologies


Consistent project management
to increase efficiency


Promotion of sustainability along the entire value chain


Stronger focus on profitable growth 
within the business areas


Internationalization and digital transformation in all business activities


  • Securing the long-standing know-how of small and medium-sized technology companies with age-related succession issues. Further development of these companies into sustainable system providers for sophisticated technical products and services.

  • Bringing together the interdisciplinary and complementary product and service portfolios as part of a one-stop-shop strategy for internationally active OEM customers. Sustainability, quality and the fundamental values of entrepreneurship, trust, integrity, and passion form the basis of our vision.

  • One goal is to become a provider of technologically sophisticated and complementary services and products. Development of the Group companies, utilizing their individual strengths, into a holistic technology company as a problem solver for future-oriented OEMs.


  • Exploiting strategic, structural and financial synergies as well as individual capabilities (best practice), bringing together the customer base and improving performance and processes (operational excellence) with the objectives:

  • Increasing productivity (e.g. by increasing machine uptime)
    Saving costs or increasing liquidity (e.g. by reducing inventory)
    Increasing flexibility (e.g. by reducing set-up times or setting up flexible employee flexible employee systems)
    Increasing quality (e.g. by improving process reliability)
    Increasing employee motivation and satisfaction (e.g. by improving working conditions and working conditions and increasing ergonomics)
    Increasing customer satisfaction (e.g. by improving delivery capacity, product quality…)

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