About us

The active management holding

AXXERON Technologies GmbH is a management holding focusing on acquisitions and the operational development of innovative medium-sized companies. With the goal of creating solutions for holistic systems and applications networking, AXXERON concentrates on four business areas and integrates the associated portfolio companies. In addition, individual companies are being merged into more resilient business units.

In addition to the classic economies of scale, the integration increases stability, visibility, and attractiveness for qualified employees, financing partners, customers, and suppliers. The group-internal company management by its In-house Consulting Team for the use of synergies and for dealing with volatility is expanded to a central success factor.


Value and Culture

With reliable analyses and structured processes, AXXERON ensures that value creation is one of the most critical variables of all company or add-on acquisitions. Additionally, we closely identify any value creation potential to be developed in our business fields, which promotes the value created by the existing group members. The processes ensure that the AXXERON group members show a continuous improvement of the operational performance and strategical positioning.

Our strength lies in identifying, evaluating and implementing the entire spectrum of value creation potential within AXXERON transactions. This involves more than just synergy effects.

The objective for all companies of the AXXERON group is to continuously shape and improve the value creation and thereby earnings over the long term. Working towards those goals, we identify a wide range of opportunities to improve earnings, calculate synergies in the case of planned acquisitions, and also draw up a precise plan for post-merger integrations.



  • Provider of technologically sophisticated and complementary

    services and products.

  • Development of the Group companies utilizing

    individual strengths (best practice)

    to become a holistic technology company as a problem solver

    for future-oriented OEMs.

  • Exploiting strategic, structural, and financial

    synergies for strong collectiv growth

  • Utilization of the individual capabilities

    Consolidation of the customer base

  • Improving the cost structure through more flexible

    and more efficient production.


Process-oriented and structured work creates stability and security


We act both internally and externally
fair and sincere


With discipline, accuracy, and excellence, the employees live quality-conscious performance


Technologies are driven by passion, joy and enthusiasm at work


The employees of the AXXERON company are
open-minded, flexible and willing to change


The spirit of partnership is ensured by respect,
helpfulness and solidarity.